Where data meets life

Diabetes+Me is a cloud-based enterprise solution for diabetes management.


Track your data

Add context and meaning

Share with your care team

You are unique, and so is your story. Rimidi makes it easy to communicate that story to your doctor and care team, so they can understand the challenges you face.

Keeping track of all the details is no longer a chore; Diabetes+Me makes the process as painless as possible so you can get on with your life. We put you back in control of your diabetes.


Quickly review data

Engage decision support

Optimize treatment

Diabetes+Me helps you gather the medical data and lifestyle details that really matter from your patients. Our clinician dashboard presents the information you need in a format you can efficiently review and act on.

Our decision support feature helps you optimize medication choices. You can explore treatment decisions taking into account the unique characteristics of each patient.


Population management

Patient engagement

Shared decision-making

Using Diabetes+Me you can better understand your population, who needs your attention most, and which patients are meeting their goals.

Our solution enables you to develop a comprehensive diabetes care plan together with your patients, support their self-management, and track their progress towards goals.


Regain control

Reduce stress

Reward yourself

Our solution easily connects with the apps and devices that you already use so you can have all your data in one place. We are constantly adding new partners that support healthy lifestyle choices and reward healthy behavior.

With the hassles of managing diabetes and communicating with your doctors reduced, you can breath a little easier.